How To Avoid Being Tricked To Pay For Low-Quality Wedding Flower Arrangements

Just like anywhere else, there are some money hungry Denver florists out there, who will do their best to trick you into increasing your budget destined for floral arrangements for your wedding.

How can you recognize and avoid them? Here are some tips to stick to a trustworthy and budget-friendly florist.

  • Select carefully the florist you are going to hire

Make sure to have 3-4 names on your list, in order to be able to compare them. Interview them but do not discuss any of your ideas yet, because this may expose you. Just learn about their styles, specializations and portfolios and make sure the information that they provide is credible. You do not have to feel pressured to sign a contract until you finish making your own evaluations.

  • Do not trust in florists who cannot show you real photos of events where they delivered flowers

Also, do not trust in those Denver florists who try to convince you that they can bring you any rare tropical flower that is not even in season; the price they try to take from you will surely be huge.

  • Make sure to ask about delivery fees and determine if there are other hidden charges

If some florists attempt to charge same-day fees, shipping fees or other dubious fees, do not trust them. It is ok to be charged for delivery, but anything else is completely avoidable

  • Do not pay for petals

Petals may be more expensive just because they are for weddings. Buy some cheap bouquets instead, from someplace else, and make your own petals. It is simple and stress-relieving.

  • Make sure that you will get quality for your money

Flowers are perishable by definition, so a florist should do everything to offer you fresh arrangements that will go through the day. We are talking about a wedding here, but regardless the event, it is not acceptable to receive flowers that resist only a couple of hours and then start to wilt. However, in some cases, wilting flowers are not the fault of the florist. To avoid creating these problems yourself, you should know some other useful information:

  • Keep the floral arrangements in aerated rooms, with adequate temperature; do not put them in direct sunlight, as they will start wilting quite soon
  • Keep them hydrated. Yes, we know, everyone who is getting married has lots and lots of things to do, but do your best and not forget about giving some water to those flowers, if you receive them one or two days before the wedding, otherwise, you may not be able to enjoy them on your special day
  • Florists typically deliver floral preservatives together with your arrangements, to help you keep them fresh. Use them!
  • If you have to change the water in some recipients, wash the recipients with soap before adding fresh water
  • Do not put any fruit bowls near the ordered floral arrangements; fruits emit ethylene gas which is a flower killer.

Keep these tips in mind to make sure you are happy with the flower delivery Denver florists results.