Great Ideas for Outdoor Business Signs

Being visible is an essential requirement for any business, for traditional, brick and mortar shops and for online retailers as well, outdoor advertising being still among the most efficient tools in the hands of marketers. Here are some ideas about how to use available outdoor space for advertising your brand and for attracting customer attention.

Design Ideas for Your Outdoor Signs

One of the most important aspects that you need to have in mind when designing your outdoor signs is that your audience will be on the move. Whether you are wishing to target people walking by your sign placed on a sidewalk or people traveling in their car, you will need to tailor your outdoor signs to make them readable even when passing by them at speed. Limit the amount of text displayed to basic information, such as your contact details, including your company name, phone number, address, website URL, your slogan and a short and strong call to action. Don’t forget to add your business logo – it is essential for the identification of your brand.

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The colors and the font types that you use on your outdoor signs are also important – they will be the blocks from which your ads will be built. Sign company Denver experts recommend to use a maximum of two colors (gradients between the two might be a great option) and not more than two fonts for your text. You can use contrasting colors to create a stronger impact, with a darker background and lighter color used for the lettering. Choose uncomplicated, elegant and easy to read fonts for your text – it will make your message easier to read and it will also impress your audience with your sense of style.

Types of Signs that You Can Use

You have a wide variety of options when it comes to outdoor signs – you can either use one of them or combine multiple signs types.

Your choice of the signs to be used depends on the type of location where you want to use them – pylon signs are great for pointing potential customers toward your facility in shopping centers; monument signs are similar to pylon signs, but smaller and usually not above eye level; backlit signs are excellent for being placed next to or above your entrance and for inviting passers-by to enter. You can also choose banners – the solution is affordable and great for temporary advertising purposes. Some of the best solutions are A-frame signs placed on the side of the pavement in front of or close to your shop to point at your business; billboards placed on the side of busy roads or junctions and LED message centers. The latter solution is perhaps the most efficient and the most versatile of them all – the message centers suitable for being used outdoors can be used for displaying multiple, rotating messages and slideshows of the highest quality, in an attractive, attention-grabbing way.

Pay Attention to the Weather

The materials that you use for your outdoor signs needs to be resistant to the type of weather that dominates your climate. If your region gets lots of sunshine, choose UV-resistant materials and LED displays designed for resisting heat; if you live in a rainy region, use solution that provide increased resistance to moisture.