How to Get Cat Urine Out of Carpet

The problem of urinating in places like the bed or on the carpet occurs frequently in the case of kittens that are still not used with their litter boxes. It can also happen to adult cats in heat, or in the case of urinary tract infections (cystitis). It is an unpleasant situation that can occur again and again if no measures are taken to remove the smell and educate the cat to urinate in the litter box.

What must be done in this case?

Follow these simple steps:

  • If the urine is fresh, use a paper towel or sponge to soak it and prevent it from seeping deep; absorb as well as possible until the place is almost dry.
  • Prepare a solution of half vinegar-half water and spray it on top of the stain. Use about 50-60 ml (half a glass), then wipe the area with a clean cloth, until the liquid is absorbed.
  • Add one or two tablespoons of baking soda over the stain
  • Mix in a container a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) with a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and, wearing protective gloves, apply this solution over the baking soda powder using a sponge, and homogenize it. Allow this mixture to stay on the stain for about 15 minutes and then rinse the surface until the substances are completely removed.
  • Make sure the carpet dries completely.
  • If you suspect that the urine infiltrated below the carpet, make sure to clean the floor as well.

If you do not have hydrogen peroxide at hand, you can replace it with cleaning solutions that carry the label “oxy” on them.

However, the very best solutions to get cat urine out of carpet are the enzymatic products, which break down urea from the animal`s urine, as well as the uric acid. Persistent uric acid crystals are decomposed and eliminated, not just covered by other scents. Thus the smell of urine is really completely removed, and the cat will no longer be able to feel it, thus will not feel encouraged to urinate in that place again. In addition, the composition of enzymatic solutions includes a so-called pheromone blocker that also prevents the cat from being interested in that.

Such a product is 100% organic: it is not dangerous for humans or animals, it does not contain alcohol or solvents and it is particularly efficient:

  • against recent or old stains
  • in removing stains without leaving marks, on hard or soft surfaces

remove cat urine from carpet

There are various ready-to-use cleaning solutions on the market to remove cat urine from carpet and the accompanying odors as well. They must all be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We recommend that you test them before using them, on a corner that is less visible, because some of them may discolor the carpet.

Additionally, you can use other tricks to discourage your pet to urinate on the carpet. For example, there are some devices, on the market, that have an incorporated sensor that activates when it detects movement and sprays a harmless product in the air; the cat will not like it at all and will learn not to approach the area where you place the device.