When to Get A New Vacuum

Deciding when to repair your old vacuum or when to get a new vacuum is not easy, especially if your existing appliance is a high-end unit that you like and that you have been using for years. To make the decision easier for you, here are a few signs that indicate your vacuum is approaching the end of its life and it might be a good idea to start looking for a new appliance.

Unusual, Strong Noise

Noisiness is the most common sign to indicate appliance aging. The fault could probably be remedied by getting some parts, such as the bearings, replaced, but in most cases, replacement parts are hard to find and even if you can find the parts that you need, the replacement would probably cost you as much as or more than a new vacuum.

Moisture in a Dry Vacuum

Some vacuum cleaners can be used on wet and dry surfaces as well, but others are made only for being used on dry surfaces and can be severely damage if moisture penetrates inside the appliance. If you have accidentally used your dry vacuum to clean up a spill and the appliance has stopped working, chances are that you need a new vacuum.


Vacuum cleaners have an average lifespan of 5-8 years – some are made to live longer, others need to be replaced sooner. As a general rule, simple appliances that use only few components live longer, while more complex units, such as robot vacuums that use complex software or appliances that have special sensors have more parts that could break and cause the vacuum to fail. If your vacuum is old or it is very complicated and it has caused you lots of trouble, it might be a good idea to replace it.

Damaged Attachments

Your vacuum cleaner uses attachments and brushes created specifically for the model you are using. Damaged attachments – brushes that have lost their bristles, hoses that got punctured or cracked or the plastic parts that have become cracked or broken – hinder efficient vacuuming and they are difficult or impossible to replace, so if this is your case, it might be time to replace your vacuum.

A Damaged Bin

Some vacuum cleaners use washable or disposable bags to collect the dust, while others have removable canisters that need to be emptied and cleaned when full. Replacement canisters are just as difficult to find as hose attachments, so if the dust canister in your appliance got punctured or cracked, you will need to replace the entire appliance.

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Frequent Repairs

If your vacuum cleaner keeps breaking down and you need to pay more and more for the repairs, you should start looking for a new appliance before you spend too much on the old unit.

You can decide when to get a new vacuum based on the issues described above or you can look online for a ‘vacuum repair near me‘ and consult a repair technician who will tell you whether your old vacuum is worth repairing or you will be better off getting a new appliance.