5 Tips to Make Sure You Have a Great Time at Wine and Cocktails Painting Parties

Wine and cocktails painting parties can be great opportunities to meet new people, have fun, brush up on your painting skills and enjoy fine quality wine that isn’t always easy to find.


Now, even though you might not have the skills of a world class artist, chances are you will fully enjoy yourself at these parties, especially if you consider some of the helpful tips presented below.


  1. Don’t Worry About Your Skills and Resources


The only thing you have to bring to a wine and cocktails painting party is yourself and your cheerful disposition. Everything else will be provided for you, including painting resources such as paint, canvas and brushes, ideas and pictures to give you a clear goal as to your painting challenge for the day, and of course delicious food and wine you can enjoy as you socialize and explore your artistic talent.


So, in order to make sure you’ll enjoy your time from the very start, don’t think too hard about what to bring, and just allow the party to surprise you with whatever it places before you.


  1. Bring Your Friends and Family


You don’t have to go alone. If it’s your first time to a wine and painting party, chances are you’ll feel much more at ease if you bring a family member or a good friend along for the ride.


If your companion(s) have already been to these types of parties in the past, they will already know what to expect, and they can also help you feel more at ease. In fact, they may even get you to move around and socialize more.


  1. Strike Up a Conversation


Don’t be afraid to talk to your fellow partygoers. Since the main activity is an artistic one, and there is certainly going to be alcohol at the party, there is a good chance that half an hour into the event most of the people around you will be quite cheerful and talkative. Paint and sip Denver parties are a great way to socialize.  At this point you can let loose as well, especially after sipping a couple of glasses and finishing your first few strokes.


Comment on others’ paintings, and don’t worry about their input regarding your own work of art. The interaction will help you engage in interesting conversations, find new friends, and may even help improve your painting skills as well.


  1. Use Your Own Unique Approach to Painting


Don’t try too hard to paint perfectly or to check others’ paintings and compare your results. Art is meant to be creative, and the best way you can improve your skills is to let loose and follow your own unique approach to painting. Even if your painting doesn’t look too great at first, don’t lose hope; the main point is to have a good time, so no one will ever judge or criticize you.


  1. Keep Coming Back for More


Practice makes perfect – both when it comes to painting and socializing. The next time you go to a cocktail painting party, you may find yourself a lot more relaxed, and as you keep going back you might even get better at painting. So make it a regular thing, and prepare to have the time of your life!

You’ll find that wine and cocktails painting parties can be extremely memorable and enjoyable, and if you follow the tips above you’ll definitely want to keep going back for more fun times over and over again.