How to Research Top Selling Brands of Drums to Find the Instrument that Works Best for You

Whether you are a beginner drummer who has played on a kit borrowed from a friend up to now or an experienced drummer looking for a new kit, buying the set that is right for you is essential for your development as a drummer. Here are a few methods to use and factors to consider when browsing top selling brands of drums to be able to choose the best set.

drum set

Research Drum Set Types and Drum Sizes

Whether you are looking for an acoustic kit or an electronic kit suits you better, you need to know exactly how loud the sound delivered by your drums needs to be and how much space will you have to set up your kit. Acoustic kits are much louder than electronic drums and they are also much larger, but electronic kits are easier to play and therefore more recommended for beginners.

Top drum manufacturers offer the same type of drum in various sizes, so make sure you look for advice from drum store Denver experts and buy drums that are suitably sized for your body height and for the length of your arms and legs.

Research Drum Materials

The material that the drum shell is made from is essential for the quality of the sound that the drum will deliver. The top selling drum brands offer drums made from various materials – here are the most common choices:

  • Wood – maple and oak are suitable for all-purpose drums, mahogany shells deliver a smooth and vibrant mid-range sound, walnut shells create warm sounds, while cherry shells are preferred by those who look for strong and bright highs;
  • Metal shells – carbon steel is used for making great all-purpose drums, brass delivers vibrant sounds, copper drums are very loud and dynamic, while bronze shells make powerful mid-range sounds;
  • Synthetic materials – carbon fiber, acrylic and fiberglass are the most common synthetic drum materials;
  • Hybrid shells – hybrid shells use several of the above materials and are able to deliver a different sound depending on the combination used.

Research Accessories

Beside choosing your drums, you also need to choose accessories and hardware to get a functional drum set. The accessories that you have to research and to select include the drum stands, the stool on which you sit while playing, the pedals and the sticks as well. Drumsticks are made only from wood – hickory, oak and maple are the most common wood varieties used in drumsticks, but there are lots of other wood varieties available as well.

Decide upon the Size

Drum sets can vary widely in terms of the number of pieces included. 4-piece sets consisting of one bass drum, one snare drum, one floor tom and one rack tom are the minimum, but 5-piece sets that add an extra rack tom are more common and most advanced players use sets that comprise two bass drums. If you are unsure about the size of your kit, you can buy a 4-piece base set and extend it the way you want later.

A Few More Tips

You can buy your drum set from the internet, but make sure you try out the drums that you want to purchase beforehand – go to a store that sells musical instruments and play the drums you have in mind to make sure the size, the feel and sound quality meets your expectations and order your drum online only afterwards.